2001 Acts

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Social Welfare Act 2001

Arrangement of Sections

Part 1

Short title and construction
Continuance of instruments

Part 2

Social insurance benefits (new rates)
Social assistance payments (new rates)
Child benefit (new rates)
Family income supplement (new weekly rates)
Employment contributions (new rates of contributions and amendments to earnings ceilings)
Self-employment contributions (new rates of contributions and abolition of income ceiling)
Optional contributions (new rates of contributions)
Voluntary contributions (new rates and amounts of contributions)

Part 3

Improvements in Social Welfare Schemes
Maternity and adoptive benefits - increase in duration
Assessment of means - improvements
Respite care grant - increase
Island allowance
Disability allowance - removal of couple limitation
Living alone allowance - extension of scheme
Carer's benefit - payment after death
Constant attendance allowance - improvements
Improvement in qualifying conditions

Part 4

Miscellaneous Provisions
One-parent family payment - transitional arrangements and assessment of maintenance payments
Recovery of payments from financial institutions
Pre-retirement allowance - change in withdrawal rate
Qualified adult - amendment to provisions
Amendment to prosecution provisions
Carer's benefit - improvement
Qualified adult - rate payable with reduced rate pensions
Social insurance - retention of modified status

Part 5

Alignment of Tax and Calendar Years
Transitional arrangements for the preservation of rights
Further amendments consequential on the alignment of the tax and calendar years
Commencement ( Part 5)

Part 6

Amendments Relating to Introduction of Euro
Social insurance benefits (new euro rates)
Social assistance payments (new euro rates)
Child benefit (new euro rates)
Family income supplement (new weekly rates - euro)
New rates of employment, self-employment, optional and voluntary contributions - euro
Further amendments consequential on introduction of euro

Part 7

Amendment of Health Contributions Act, 1979
Amendment to Health Contributions Act, 1979 - alignment of tax and calendar year
Amendment to Health Contributions Act, 1979 - euro

Family Support Agency Act 2001

Arrangement of Sections
Establishment day
Establishment of Family Support Agency
Functions of Agency
Conferral of additional functions
Policy directives
Criteria, etc. and directives regarding assistance to voluntary bodies
Charges by Agency
Strategic plans
Membership of Agency and terms of office of members
Chairperson of Agency
Meetings of Agency
Committees of Agency
Chief executive of Agency
Staff of Agency
Transfer of staff of Minister to Agency
Membership of either House of Oireachtas or European Parliament
Disclosure by members of Agency of certain interests
Disclosure by members of staff of certain interests
Disclosure of information
Advances by Minister to Agency
Borrowing by Agency
Accounts and audits
Accountability of chief executive
Reports and information to Minister
Consultants and advisers
Seal of Agency
Transfer of certain rights and liabilities
Short title
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