Department of Social Protection – Providing Employer Supports and Access to Employees

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The Department of Social Protection has a number of incentives, including financial incentives, available to employers when recruiting people from the Live Register. These include financial supports such as the new JobsPlus scheme and employment initiatives such as JobBridge – the National Internship Scheme.

Speaking ahead of the annual IBEC President’s Dinner tonight (Friday, 20th September 2013), Minister Burton said: “Last year, I set up a new employer relations unit in my Department; the first major initiative of this unit was to organise a series of road-shows for employers all around the country. These road-shows gave employers a chance to tell us what they believed we needed to do better or differently. This feedback led to the development by my Department of the JobsPlus Incentive."

The JobsPlus incentive is an employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who offer employment opportunities to people who are long-term unemployed. Under the scheme, regular cash payments are made to qualifying employers to offset wage costs where they engage jobseekers who have been on the Live Register for at least 12 months.  

The scheme provides two levels of incentive - a payment of €7,500 over two years to the employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for more than 12 but less than 24 months; and €10,000 over two years to the employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for more than 24 months. The new incentive is payable monthly in arrears.

Since JobsPlus was launched in July this year, 1,100 employers have been approved under the incentive to proceed with recruitment for vacancies in their companies and to date over 370 new full time jobs have been supported under JobsPlus.  Over 2,100 jobseekers have also applied to check their eligibility as a prospective employee under JobsPlus.

The Minister also spoke about JobBridge – The National Internship Scheme which helps jobseekers gain work experience and acquire new skills through internship opportunities. “Since the scheme commenced in June 2011, more than 20,000 people and over 9,000 companies have participated in the scheme. An independent evaluation by Indecon Economic Consultants, which was published in May, showed that 61% of interns who completed their placements subsequently progressed to paid employment; 96% of host organisations would recommend JobBridge to another employer.”

In relation to the employment services which the Department of Social Protection provides, Minister Burton explained: “My Department can provide job-ready candidates to help employers fill vacancies that are advertised on These services are provided at no cost to employers. So whether you're looking for the best local talent or conducting a Europe-wide search, my Department can help you find the right people for your company free of charge.”

Contacts for employers

  • To advertise a job vacancy on, telephone the National Contact Centre on LoCall 1890 800 024.
  • To find candidates to fill job vacancies, employers should contact their local Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Local Office or Employment Services Office. The locations of these are set out on
  • Information in relation to JobBridge is available at and
  • Information about the JobsPlus scheme is available at



Last modified:20/09/2013