Ó Cuív - January 2011 Live Register, 'Creation of Jobs main priority'

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Éamon Ó Cuív, Minister for Social Protection today (2 February 2011) commented on the Live Register figures for January saying: "I welcome the 6,900 decrease in the adjusted figure for January as significant and it shows that the long-term trend in unemployment is downwards."

The seasonally adjusted Live Register figure published by the CSO for January is 439,200. This is a decrease of 6,900 (1.5%) on December 2010.

The Live Register unadjusted figure for January 2011 is 442,677. This is 5,598 higher than the December 2010 total. The month-on-month increase of 5,598 is the smallest January increase since 2007.

Minister Ó Cuív continued: "It is also worth noting that the Live Register for January 2011 was 24,246 lower than it was at the end of August and I am confident that the Live Register will decrease further this year. Economic indicators such as the stabilisation of the Exchequer returns during 2010 and the positive news yesterday of the NCB Purchasing Managers' Index showing manufacturing in our economy growing at its fastest pace in more than 11 years in January are encouraging, as we follow the Government's four-year National Recovery Plan.

"I and my colleagues in Government are continuing to give priority to job protection, job creation and supporting unemployed people. Developing the conditions for retaining and creating jobs is critical and it is also crucially important that we provide meaningful work opportunities and activation initiatives for the unemployed."

"In December I announced details of a new work placement initiative in the community. Known as Tús, it will provide 5,000 short-term working opportunities with community organisations to support the delivery of their services and it will be targeted at people who are unemployed for over a year. Participants will be paid the full jobseekers rate plus an additional €20 per week. Under 25 year olds will be paid the maximum Jobseekers Allowance plus €20 per week which makes Tús attractive to this group."

This is one of a number of measures in place to assist unemployed people and support job creation. Other Government measures include:

  • The €500 million Innovation Fund-Ireland which will support enterprise development and job creation by drawing top venture capitalists to Ireland;
  • The extension of the closing date for new applications for the Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive scheme to the end of 2011. This scheme exempts the employer from paying their share of PRSI for 12 months and is a direct stimulus for the economy by saving employers money and shifting the balance in favour of job creation;
  • The Government's five-year integrated plan for trade, tourism and investment aimed at generating 300,000 jobs and boosting exports by one third.
  • The Skills Development and Internship Programme is an enterprise led initiative aimed at those who are at least three months unemployed. Participants on the programme will receive a 12 month placement with host organisations and will undertake a significant education and training component. The Government has made provision for up to 5,000 places to be supported under this programme.
  • The Work Placement Programme will be expanded to provide up to an additional 5,000 places in the public service and a further 500 placements for graduates in the private sector. This will bring the number of places on the Work Placement Programme up to 7,500.
  • The expanded Redundant Apprentice Placement Scheme, which will provide on-the-job training for up to 1,000 apprentices in the public and private sectors.

The Live Register also includes those who have part time work and receive a payment from the Department of Social Protection for part of their week. These account for 66,904 people on the Live Register. The number of people on the Register who receive a jobseeker's payment for a full week is 287,575.


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