?39 Per Week Increase In Thresholds For Family Income Supplement ?14 Per Week Increase In Maternity Benefit Minister for Social Affairs S?amus Brennan TD

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Séamus Brennan TD, Minister for Social and Family Affairs,said:" Budget 2005 increases in FIS Family Income Supplement thresholds will take effect next month and will directly benefit over 14,500 families, including over 30,000 children. The increases of €?39 in the weekly income thresholds will add an extra €23.40 per week to the weekly payments of virtually all existing FIS recipients".

In addition, the threshold increase will mean that over 2,600 more families will become eligible for payment of Family Income Supplement.

Minister Brennan said:" The Family Income Supplement is designed to provide vital cash supports for employees on low earnings with families, while at the same time preserving the incentive to remain in employment. Currently more than 14,500 families, including 30,366 children, are in receipt of Family Income Supplement from my Department which is an increase of almost 18% on last year's figures. All the families on FIS Family Income Supplement will further benefit directly from the €10 and €12 Child Benefit increases in the Budget."

"The largest award, of €22,000, will enable the Irish National Teachers' Organisation to hold a series of nationwide seminars later this year on 'Parenting and Childhood'. The One Parent Exchange Network (OPEN) has been awarded €17,000 towards the production of a national development plan for one-parent families and ACCORD has been awarded €15,000 to hold an all-Ireland photographic competition entitled 'Marriage and Family in the 21st Century',"

"The awards in excess of €2,000 will support once-off events or projects, organised by larger local groups and regional/national groups, focusing on families and family life. These include national conferences, seminars, workshops, and education and training into relevant family topics, including parenting courses, as well as the provision of information focusing on the family, family well being and family supports.".

Almost 6,800 new applications for Family Income Supplement were granted by the Department up to the end of November 2004 in addition to a further 13,250 renewals of entitlement to FIS, an increase of over 3,600 on the corresponding numbers in the previous year.

"A number of improvements to the FIS Family Income Supplement Scheme in recent years, including the assessment of FIS on the basis of net rather than gross income, and the progressive increases in the income limits, have made it easier for lower income households to qualify under this Scheme. I am determined to continue in 2005 to target those vulnerable families on low incomes who need to be supported and given particular attention. The economic surge Ireland continues to enjoy can only be considered a real success when the benefits of it reach all of the people, especially those struggling on the margins of society," the Minister added.

Other Budget changes taking effect this month which will benefit families include:

  • Increase of €14 per week in the minimum rate of Maternity Benefit, from €151.60 to €165.60.
  • Increase in rate of Maternity Benefit from 70% to 75% of reckonable weekly earnings.

The following table sets out the previous and the current income thresholds for FIS Family Income Supplement:

Family Size

Previous Income Limit €

Current Income Limit €

1 Child



2 Children



3 Children



4 Children



5 Children



6 Children



7 Children



8 Children and more



Family Income Supplement is calculated at 60% of the difference between net weekly income (i.e. gross pay less Tax, Employees PRSI, Health Contribution, Superannuation) and the income limit for your family size.

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