20 February - Minister for Social and Family Affairs Mary Coughlan Provides ?86,000 Grant for ICTU

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Mary Coughlan TD Minister for Social and Family Affairs has provided a grant of €86,000 to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The funds will be used to reconvene the trade union panel of social welfare Appeals Assessors and towards running the Welfare Rights Unit.

"This is the eighth year that the Department of Social and Family Affairs has provided financial support to ICTU towards the cost of a central welfare rights information unit which supports the development of information, advice and training services, primarily through its network of Centres for the Unemployed," said Minister Mary Coughlan.

"The Irish Congress of Trade Unions plays an important and often unheralded role in our communities, in the provision of information and support services.

"I am impressed at the wide range of services offered through the network of 38 ICTU centres and their staff of over 700 people nationwide.

"These services include a social welfare information programme targeting information and rights workers in the centres, workplace representatives and trade union negotiators, services for older people and for refugees and asylum seekers.

"I welcome the ongoing commitment of ICTU in assisting asylum seekers and refugees to integrate into society, and note that all staff have received anti racism and equality awareness training and that during 2003 this training programme will include issues that affect members of the Traveller’s Community," said Minister Coughlan.


20 th February 2003

Last modified:11/09/2008