Rates of Payment 2009 (January)

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What�s in this booklet

This booklet gives the rates of payment from the Department of Social and Family Affairs. It also contains the percentage rates of pay-related social insurance (PRSI) contributions for employees, employers and for self-employed people.

Tugann an leabhr�n seo liosta dos na r�ta� �oca�ochta� a chuireann an Roinn Gn�tha� S�isialacha agus Teaghlaigh ar f�il. Chomh maith leis sin taispe�nann s� na r�ta� �rachais s�isialaigh p�-choibhneasa (�SPC) a bhaineann le fostaithe, fost�ir� agus daoine at� f�in-fhostaithe.

For information booklets, application forms and more information on social welfare services:

  • Log on to www.welfare.ie.
  • LoCall Information Line at 1890 66 22 44 (from the Republic of Ireland only).
  • Drop in to your local Social Welfare Office or Citizens Information Centre.


Rates of Weekly Payments: Paid:
  • From the Department
From Jan 2009
  • PRSI Contributions
From Jan 2009 to 31 Dec 2009

Please note that the tables contained in this booklet for some of the means-tested payments are not exhaustive and the relevant rate should be checked with the section of the Department dealing with that payment.

The information in this booklet is correct at the time of going to print.

The rates charged for using 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers.


Contents Page

Section 1. Pay-Related Social Insurance

General Information
PRSI exemption on low earnings
Employee�s PRSI�Free Allowance
Recipients of Widow�s or Widower�s Pension or One-Parent Family Payment
Contributions for self-employed people
Voluntary contributions
PRSI contribution rates:

Section 2. Payments for retired or older people

State Pension (Contributory)
State Pension (Transition)
State Pension (Non-Contributory)
Pre-Retirement Allowance

Section 3. Widows, widowers and one-parent families

Widow�s/Widower�s (Contributory) Pension
Deserted Wife�s Benefit
Widowed Parent Grant
Widow�s/Widower�s (Non-Contributory) Pension
Deserted Wife�s Allowance
Prisoner�s Wife�s Allowance
One-Parent Family Payment
Widowed Lone Parent

Section 4. Child-related payments

Child Benefit
Early Childcare Supplement
Maternity Benefit
Adoptive Benefit
Health & Safety Benefit
Guardian�s Payment (Contributory)
Guardian�s Payment (Non-Contributory)
Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance

Section 5. Illness, disability and caring

Illness Benefit
Invalidity Pension
Disability Allowance
Blind Pension
Respite Care Grant
Carer�s Benefit
Carer�s Allowance
Injury Benefit
Incapacity Supplement
Constant Attendance Allowance
Disablement Benefit
Medical Care Scheme
Death Benefits (Survivor�s Benefits)

Section 6. Jobseeker�s supports

Jobseeker�s Benefit
Jobseeker�s Allowance

Section 7. Employment supports

Family Income Supplement
Farm Assist
Back to Work Allowance (Employees)
Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
Part-time Job Incentive Scheme
Back to Education Allowance

Section 8. Extra benefits

Bereavement Grant
Widowed Parent Grant
Fuel Allowance
Smokeless Fuel Allowance
Electricity Allowance
Gas Allowance
Telephone Allowance
Free Television Licence

Section 9. Supplementary Welfare Allowance

Supplementary Welfare Allowance


Increases for Qualified Adult (current rates)

Last modified:13/05/2009

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