Medical Assessment - Protocols

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These protocols are designed to support the Department�s Medical Assessors in the completion of their work in evaluating disablement in relation to the entitlement for the various Scheme benefits.
  1. Depression (PDF, 732KB)
  2. Anxiety (PDF, 504KB)
  3. Stress-Related and Adjustment Disorders (PDF, 562KB)
  4. Learning Disabilities (PDF, 629KB)
  5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (PDF, 521KB)
  6. Chronic Pain Disorders and Fibromyalgia (PDF, 620KB)
  7. Substance and Drug Dependency (PDF, 592KB)
  8. Alcohol Dependency (PDF, 531KB)
  9. Eating Disorders (PDF, 731KB)
  10. Ischaemic Heart Disease (PDF, 604KB)
  11. Hypertension (PDF, 632KB)
  12. Asthma (PDF, 694KB)
  13. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PDF, 548KB)
  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis (PDF, 573KB)
  15. Osteoarthritis (PDF, 492KB)
Last modified:28/01/2013

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