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Family Income Supplement

To qualify for Family Income Supplement (FIS), your net average weekly family income must be below a certain amount for your family size.

Family Income Supplement Rates from 7 January 2010
You have: Your net family income is less than:
1 child
2 children
3 children
4 children
5 children
6 children
7 children
8 or more children

The FIS you receive is 60% of the difference between your net family income (that is, gross pay minus tax, employee PRSI, Health Contribution, superannuation, 2% income levy) and the income limit that applies to your family.

No matter how little you may qualify for, you will still get a minimum of �20 each week.

Farm Assist

Farm Assist Rate from 30 December 2009
  Rate per week
Personal Rate


Additional Increases
Increases: Rate per week
Increase for Qualified Adult ( See Note 2)
Each qualified child
Full Rate �29.80 ( See Note 1)
Each qualified child
Half Rate �14.90 ( See Note 1)

Note 1:
You can get an increase of �29.80 for each qualified child if you get an increase for a qualified adult or if you are parenting alone. If you do not qualify for an increase for a qualified adult, you may get a half-rate qualified child increase.

Note 2:
If you were in receipt of Farm Assist prior to 26 September 2007, you may get a reduced rate increase if your spouse or partner has earnings or income in excess of �100.00 and up to �310.00 gross per week, ( see Appendix) .

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

  • 100% of social welfare payment for the first year
  • 75% of social welfare payment for the second year

Only payable for 2 years to new applicants from 01 May 2009.

Those who started on the scheme prior to 1 May 2009 will continue to receive support at 50% in year 3 and 25% in year 4.

Short-Term Enterprise Allowance from 31 December 2009

  • 100% of jobseekers benefit entitlement for the duration of entitlement which may be up to 12 months.


Part-time Job Incentive Scheme

Part-time Job Incentive Scheme Rate from 30 December 2009
  Rate per week
Personal Rate
Rate including an increase for a Qualified Adult

Your pay from the part-time job will not effect the supplement.

Back to Education Allowance

Payment is made at a standard rate and is not means-tested. If you qualify for the Back to Education Allowance, you will receive a weekly personal rate equivalent to the maximum personal standard rate of the relevant social welfare payment that actually qualified you for participation in the scheme. Where applicable, you may also qualify for increases in respect of a qualified adult and each qualified child. Also, an annual Cost of Education Allowance of �500.00 per annum is paid at the start of each academic year.

Last modified:21/12/2010

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