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If you are resident in Ireland

  • and qualify for an Irish pension under the Agreement, your pension can be paid.
  • Directly into a current or deposit account (NOT a mortgage account) at a bank or building society or An Post Savings Account - this is known as Electronic Fund Transfer and payment is made weekly.
  • By a book of Payable Orders which can be cashed weekly at a chosen Post Office. (If you are paid your pension in this way and you are unable to collect your pension, you can nominate another person age 16 or over to collect it on your behalf.)�
  • Invalidity Pension is also payable by Electronic Information Transfer for those using the Household Budgeting Service. This allows you to collect your payment weekly at a nominated post office on production of your social services card.

Bereavement Grant is a once-off payment made by cheque.

If you reside outside Ireland  

you may have your payment made by Electronic Fund Transfer to an Irish account or an account within a Financial Institution outside the State. The account must have an 8 digit account number with a 6 digit sort code (NOT a Roll/Reference number).

Payment will be in the currency of the country in which the account is held. (It cannot be paid into a Euro account in a country that has a different currency.) This payment will be made every four weeks. One week will be paid in advance and three weeks in arrears.

Last modified:19/12/2008

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