Statement from Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar on the outcome of the UK Referendum

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“Following the outcome of the UK referendum, negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the EU will take time. In the interim, it is important to stress that all payments made by the Department of Social Protection, including those to recipients who are resident in Britain and Northern Ireland, and payments from the UK to residents in Ireland, will continue to be paid,” Minister Varadkar said.

“I am saddened by the result of the referendum, but fully respect the decision of the people of the UK. My overriding priority in my role as Minister for Social Protection is to ensure that cross-border workers and pensioners have their incomes, pensions and other benefits fully protected as part of the new arrangements that will have to be negotiated between the UK and the EU, and bilaterally between Ireland and the UK.

“In addition, liability for the payment of social security contributions in the case of cross-border workers, people who have been posted to work in the UK or who are working in the UK and in Ireland will continue under the current arrangements

“The future operation of the coordination arrangements for social security payments between the UK and Ireland will also be a priority issue as part of negotiations between the UK and the remaining EU Member States, and bilaterally between the UK and Ireland.

“As mentioned, negotiations are expected to be involved and may take at least two years to complete. The Irish Government will prioritise the needs of its citizens and residents throughout these negotiations as part of the Government’s contingency framework.

“I would emphasise that Ireland remains a member of the EU.”

24 June 2016


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Last modified:24/06/2016