Appointment of Secretary General to the Department of Social Protection

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The Government has appointed Ms Niamh O'Donoghue to the post of Secretary General in the Department of Social Protection. Ms O’Donoghue will succeed Ms Bernadette Lacey who is retiring from the Department. Ms O'Donoghue will take up her appointment from 23rd July 2010.

Niamh O'Donoghue joined the Department of Agriculture as an Executive Officer in 1979. She subsequently moved to the Department of Health and then the Office of the Civil Service and Local Appointments Commissioners. In 2001 she joined the Office of the Revenue Commissioners as an Assistant Secretary where she headed up the Human Resources Division for a number of years before being assigned to the Border Midlands West Region in mid 2007.

Niamh joined the Department of Social and Family Affairs as Director General in December 2007.

A native of Dublin, she was educated in Holy Faith Convent, Clontarf. She has a primary degree from the Institute of Public Administration and holds an MA from the University of Keele and an MSc (Mgt) from Trinity College, Dublin.


Last modified:22/07/2010