Minister of State Kevin Humphreys launches 21st 'Working for Work' information booklet

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The 21st edition of 'Working for Work' booklet, published by the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed (INOU), was launched today (Wednesday, 17th September 2014) by Kevin Humphreys T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection. The publication is produced with financial support from the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Education and Skills.

Speaking at the offices of the INOU in Dublin, Minister Humphreys said: "The INOU is an important partner in the provision of accurate, independent, comprehensive and user friendly information to customers of the Department of Social Protection including unemployed people who are trying to return to work, education or training.

"The Government's number one priority is helping people to get back to work, and the provision of appropriate advice, support, education and training to unemployed people to enable them to take advantage of new job opportunities as the economy recovers. We are beginning to see a positive turn in our domestic economy and it is imperative that we continue to help those who have been hit hardest during the recession to get back into employment as quickly as possible. 'Working for Work' is an important resource for jobseekers to access such information."

The booklet is widely used by individual job seekers, people in receipt of welfare payments and those experiencing poverty and social exclusion. It is distributed to, and used by, statutory and community sector organisations which are providing a wide range of services and supports across the country.

The 'Working for Work' booklet outlines the rights and entitlements of individuals to social welfare payments, as well as providing valuable information and advice on the options and opportunities available to those seeking to re-enter the labour market or to pursue further education and training. It also contains advice on job searching, tax and other services provided by other Government Departments and agencies. It provides practical examples throughout the booklet on how participation in these initiatives can be of benefit to jobseekers.

This latest edition of "Working for Work" includes comprehensive information on the Department of Social Protection's key initiatives aimed at supporting jobseekers in their efforts to find work. It includes up to date information on Intreo services, JobsPlus, Momentum Skills Programme and other employment and training supports.

Minister Humphreys added: "The Department of Social Protection has undergone fundamental reform in the way it supports jobseekers – the transformation of the Department of Social Protection, from the passive benefits provider of old to one that actively engages with jobseekers to help them back to work. I am also pleased to see that information is included this year on the Benefit of Work Ready Reckoner, launched last December. The Ready Reckoner is a useful tool which highlights the difference for jobseekers between potential income from work and the welfare payments they currently receive. The Ready Reckoner allows the jobseeker to calculate weekly take home pay based on standard rate tax credits for certain categories of people and it helps people to determine their financial position if they accept an offer of work."

The Ready reckoner is available on the Department's website and in all the Intreo Centres.

Minister Humphreys also spoke of the forthcoming Jobs Week, which takes place from 29th September to 3rd October and is organised by the Department of Social Protection. A series of events will take place during the week nationwide to promote current vacancies available to jobseekers and employment supports to employers. "I urge all businesses and employers to identify one action you can take to become involved in making Jobs Week a success in your area," he said.

The Minister thanked everyone involved in the production of Working for Work and wished the INOU continued success with their role in supporting unemployed people to return to employment.


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