Ó Cuív acknowledges those who have volunteered for 20 years or more with the Citizens Information Service

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Minister launches research report on 'Volunteering in the Citizens Information Service'

"Volunteerism is an important and an intrinsic part of our society – be it involvement in school activities, sporting organisations or community events", said the Minister for Social Protection, Éamon Ó Cuív TD today (13th May 2010). The Minister was speaking at the launch of a new research report, Volunteering in the Citizens Information Service, which was published by the Citizens Information Board.

Minister Ó Cuív was also celebrating the work of volunteers in Citizens Information Centres around the country, particularly those who have served for 20 years or more. Speaking at the launch in Dublin, hosted jointly by the Citizens Information Board and the National Association of Citizens Information Services, Minister Ó Cuív said: "There are almost 1,200 volunteers in Citizens Information Services providing some 2,700 hours of direct service to the public in 262 locations throughout Ireland each week. Last year the volunteers, in addition to full-time staff and employment scheme workers, dealt with almost 1 million queries and over 685,000 callers to Citizens Information Centres. Some say that volunteerism is not as prevalent today as it once was. These people only have to look at these figures to know that volunteerism is alive and well in Ireland."

Nationally, the Citizens Information Board provides independent information, advice and advocacy on public and social services through the network of Citizens Information Services, 'www.citizensinformation.ie' and the Citizens Information Phone Service. This is a free service to members of the public.

Speaking about the research report Volunteering in the Citizens Information Services, which focuses on the day-to-day work of volunteers within the Citizens Information Services, Minister Ó Cuív said: "This report highlights just how significant the role of volunteers in the Citizens Information Service is, with more than half of the volunteers giving between three and five hours on a weekly basis for up to 5 years. Almost 20% have volunteered for 15 years or more. It also points out that information and advice provision is becoming increasingly complex and varied, and that the demand for services is increasing.” The study makes a number of recommendations for the future development of the Service.

The Minister concluded by thanking the Citizens Information Board for their work and, in particular, the volunteers who show so much generosity of spirit in giving their time to this work.

Editor's Note
Nationally, the Citizens Information Board is responsible for supporting the provision of information, advice and advocacy on a wide range of social and civil services through:

  • The face to face services, the network of Citizens Information Services (CIS) nationwide offering information and advocacy services to the public. Contact information for the network of offices is available at 'www.citizensinformation.ie'
  • The web-based information sources 'www.citizensinformation.ie'
  • The Citizens Information Phone Service, a LoCall service available Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-9p.m. 1890777121


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