"Extra once-off Fuel Allowance payment of €40 will benefit 340,000 people"

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Ó Cuív - 'Cold weather' payment will be paid between 22 December and 7 January

Éamon Ó Cuív TD, Minister for Social Protection announced in the recent Budget that an extra once-off payment worth €40 will be paid to all households in receipt of the national fuel allowance

Speaking today Minister Ó Cuív said: "The majority of people eligible for this extra payment are state pensioners, widows and people with disabilities, who are more vulnerable to the effects of the recent cold weather. Customers do not need to apply for the payment of €40. It will be automatically paid to all people who get a fuel allowance."

The payment dates for the 'cold weather' payment are set out below. Customers will get their extra fuel allowance with their main social welfare payment on their appointed payment day.

Payment Dates for 'Cold Weather' Payment
Date of Payment
  • Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Pre Retirement Allowance (PRETA)
  • Farm Assist
  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance
Between 22 and 31 December 2010
  • One Parent Family Payment
30 December 2010 or 7 January 2011
  • Back to Work Allowance
Between 22 and 31 December 2010 or 5 January 2011
  • State Pension (Transition)
30 December 2010
  • Invalidity Pension
30 December 2010 or 6 January 2011
  • State Pension (Contributory)
  • Widow and Widowers Pension (Contributory)
  • National Fuel Scheme
31 December 2010
  • State Pension (Non Contributory)
  • Widows or Widowers Pension (Non Contributory)
  • Guardian's Payment (Contributory)
  • Guardian's Payment (Non Contributory)
  • Occupational Injuries Benefit
  • Blind Persons Pension
7 January 2011
  • Deserted Wife's Benefit
  • Deserted Wife's Allowance
6 January 2011
  • Disability Allowance
5 January 2011

The Fuel Allowance, which costs over €230million annually, can be paid alongside the Household Benefits package. The Household Benefits package includes the Electricity Allowance or the Gas Allowance. The annual value of theses allowances is approximately €500 per household. This package is available to people aged over 70 who are resident in the State and to people under age 70 who are also resident in the State in certain circumstances. Only one person in a household can qualify for the package at any time.

Minister Ó Cuív concluded: "I want to remind people that assistance also continues to be available for people with special or additional heating needs through the Heating Supplement and Exceptional Needs Payment Scheme under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme."


Last modified:13/12/2010