Extended Payment Of Child Dependant Allowances To People Receiving Short-Term Social Welfare

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Parents of approximately 1,100 children in receipt of short term social welfare are to now qualify for a Child Dependent Allowance, said Mary Coughlan, Minister for Social and Family Affairs today.

The new provision will result in payment of a child dependant allowance for their children up to 22 years of age who remain in full-time education, or up to the end of the academic year after the child's 22nd birthday.

The Child Dependant Allowance (CDA) is normally paid in respect of children up to eighteen years of age. This measure extends the payment to certain recipients of short-term social welfare payments who have been receiving, or entitled to a relevant payment for at least 26 weeks. The extended CDA is already paid for the qualified children of people receiving long-term social welfare payments, for example Disability Allowance, Farm Assist and Old Age Pensions.

"By extending this payment we are working towards the PPF target of making CDAs payable to all social welfare recipients where the child is under 22 years and in full-time education," said Minister Coughlan.

"People receiving payments such as Unemployment Benefit, Disability Benefit, short-term Unemployment Assistance and other short-term schemes may now be entitled to this extended payment of CDA," added Minister Coughlan.

It is estimated that this measure will benefit some 1,100 children and cost approximately 0.63m in a full year.

ENDS - 6th October 2003

Last modified:06/10/2003