Good news for "farm pensioners"

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The Department of Social and Family Affairs has been informed by the CPSU that it will be going ahead with its four week ban on overtime working with effect from today, Monday 15 March 2010.

The effect of this ban, insofar as it can be assessed at this time, will be to lengthen the time taken to process new claims across the Department's schemes and will result in about 20,000 cheque payments being delayed by a day each week from Monday 22 March 2010.

Over 1.3 million weekly payments are made to social welfare customers across all schemes, including jobseekers, one parent family payments, widows and pensioners. The vast majority of these customers receive their weekly payment by way of electronic fund transfer into a bank or financial institution, or at their nominated post office and these payments are not affected by the current industrial action.


Last modified:07/04/2010