Gas Allowance Changes Budget 2013 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. I am receiving the Gas Allowance on my bill, how will this change affect me?
A. Previously a winter and summer rate was applied as a credit on your bill. From 1 January 2013 a new standard rate of €35.00 credit will be applied each month.
Q2. Does this change affect my carry-forward of unused credit as of my last bill in 2012?
A. In order to facilitate the recent changes to the allowance, customers who had unused credit on their last bill in 2012 can continue to use these credits until the 30th of September 2013. These credits can be accessed after the new monthly allowance of €35 has been utilised. For a small proportion of customers who receive a gas allowance, bills issued since January 1st will be reviewed to ensure the correct balance is delivered to the customer. This will be adjusted over a period of time and we appreciate your patience during this transition.
Q3. Under the new cash credit allowance of €35 what happens to any un-used credit?
From January 1st 2013, any new unused cash credit can be carried forward without restriction and can be drawn down by the customer at any stage, including if you wish to switch to a different energy provider.
Q4. I am receiving €37.60 cash payment per month, how will this affect me?
A. The Gas Allowance has been adjusted from € 37.60 per month to €35.00 per month. This will continue to be paid the first Tuesday of the month into your bank or post office account. The new rate comes into effect from 1 January 2013.
Q5. Does this change affect my choice of service provider?
A. No, this change does not affect your choice of service provider, you are open to choosing the supplier who can best meet your full energy needs. Customers are advised to shop around for the best value from gas suppliers. The Commission for Energy Regulation "" website has information on how to switch supplier.

Q6. What if I have difficulty in paying these bills?

Customers should regularly check with other electricity and gas suppliers and recommended websites to ensure that they are getting best value for their individual needs.  The website of the Commission for Energy Regulation has information on how to switch electricity/gas supplier.  In the event that a customer is having difficulty with payment of their bill they should contact their energy provider as soon as possible to discuss available options.

Last modified:05/03/2013

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