Care Sharing

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Two carers who provide care on alternate weeks can be accommodated on the carer's allowance scheme. Under legislation the carer must provide this care for a complete week i.e. Monday to Sunday.

Each carer will share the carer's allowance income support payment and the annual respite care grant.

A carer who provides care on alternate weeks with the care recipient attending a residential institution every other week can also be accommodated on the carer’s allowance scheme.

Each carer should apply for carer’s allowance using form CR1. If a person is caring for someone on alternate weeks where the care recipient attends a residential institution then the details of this should be recorded on the application form. All the usual qualifying conditions for carer’s allowance will apply to carers availing of these arrangements. The rate of payment for each carer will depend on their individual circumstances. Both carers will receive the household benefits package of free schemes if they meet the qualifying criteria for the scheme.

Last modified:18/05/2009

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