bud14s11 Invalidity Pension

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  • In line with the abolition of the State Pension Transition from January 2014, the weekly rate of €230.30 for Invalidity Pension at age 65 years will be discontinued and the rate payable will be €193.50 per week. This measure will apply to Invalidity Pensioners who reach their 65th birthday from January. Existing 65 year olds are unaffected. (January 2014)
  • People who are getting Invalidity Pension (existing and new recipients) will continue to be automatically transferred to State Pension (Contributory) at age 66 years and they will receive a weekly rate of €230.30.  (January 2014)
  • The weekly rate payable to all qualified adults of Invalidity Pensioners will be standardised at €138.10 per week. This measure will apply to spouses and partners aged 66 or over who reach their 66th birthday from January 2014. Existing spouses and partners aged 66 and over are unaffected.
Last modified:15/10/2013