Your social security rights in Ireland - A Guide for EU Citizens

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This guide gives information on the social welfare payments available in Ireland and how these payments are classified for the purposes of EU Regulations. It also gives information about entitlements under the Irish healthcare system.

The EU Regulations on social security (Regulations 883/2004 and 987/2009) co-ordinate the rights of migrant workers moving within the European Union. This means that they are protected against the risks covered by the Regulations, such as sickness, unemployment and old age, and that any social security rights acquired in one country are maintained when they move to another country. It also means that they must be treated the same as other nationals when applying the provisions of the Regulations.

Qualifying conditions and rates of payment for our schemes change from time to time. Always check with your local Social Welfare Office or with Information Services to see if these have changed - for contact details see our "Contact Us" page.


Last modified:02/02/2016

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