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"Your first EURES job" is a European Union job mobility scheme to help young people (18-35 years of age) find work and to help employers find workers in Europe. Your first EURES job is based on support from national employment services – information, job search, recruitment, funding – for both young jobseekers and businesses interested in recruiting from outside their home country.

Are you a Jobseeker?

Under Your first EURES job Scheme, EURES can provide you with the following supports:

  • Help with finding a job in Europe
  • Financial support for travel expenses for a job interview
  • Financial support if you re-locate to start your new job
  • Other financial support measures, i.e. – recognition of qualification, language course, supplementary relocation allowance

You must apply for financial support before you leave your country and before the starting date of your new job. You cannot apply after you have moved to your new country of work.

Are you an Employer?

  • Employers can apply for financial support when they employ a young person 18-35 years of age from another EU28 EFTA/EEA country (Iceland and Norway).
  • Financial support is given for language training, job introduction or in-house training.

Ireland is partnered with two Countries for Your First Eures Job, Sweden and France.


You can make your application to either Country for Your first Eures Job




For more information and to apply under the Swedish project:


For more information and to apply under the Italian project:




 With financial support from the European Union/2014-2020 EaSI programme


Last modified:05/03/2018

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