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  1. What is the First Steps?
  2. How does it differ from the existing JobBridge Scheme?
  3. Do I get paid as an intern?
  4. How do I avail of a placement under the First Steps scheme?

What is the First Steps?

First Steps is one of the youth focused actions Ireland has committed to delivering under the Irish Youth Guarantee. This initiative will be part funded by the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.

First Steps is a work placement scheme aimed at 18-24 year olds who are signing on the live register and who have limited or no experience of work, in particular those young people who would find it difficult to progress through candidate screening in a typical recruitment process.

First Steps could provide you with an opportunity to learn and develop various work skills and gain relevant experience in the workplace.

The scheme criteria are similar to JobBridge, such as:

  • Placements are for 6 or 9 months
  • You attend an interview and the host organisation selects the potential intern/s
  • A mentor is appointed to support you while on the internship
  • You and the host organisation sign and abide by a written Standard Agreement that outlines what you will do during the internship
  • The host organisation must complete a monthly compliance
  • You are provided with a reference when you finish.

The European Commission is providing co-funding to the First Steps - YDI. First Steps - YDI is jointly backed by the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) and the European Social Fund (ESF) and Department of Social Protection on an equal funding basis. For the period 2015 - 2017 the allocation from each of the ESF and YEI is €7.9m approx.

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