Workplace Equipment / Adaptation Grant

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If you are a person with a disability who has been offered employment, or who is in employment and about to change job as a result of re-deployment or promotion,  or who is about to become self-employed,  and if you require a more accessible workplace or adapted equipment to do your job, you or your employer may be able to get a grant towards the costs of adapting premises or equipment.
Examples of adaptations for which a grant may be given are:
  • Minor building modifications such as ramps or modified toilets;
  • Alarm systems with flashing lights;
  • Equipment adaptation such as voice synthesizers for computers or amplifiers for telephones.
A maximum grant of €6,350 is available towards the cost of adaptations to premises or equipment. This grant can also be used to upgrade adapted equipment  which  was  funded previously, or for training in the use of the grant-aided equipment.


You or your employer can apply for this grant if you:
  • Have been offered employment or an apprenticeship in the private sector and require adaptations to equipment or premises to undertake the duties required;
  • Are in employment in the private sector, have recently changed jobs as a result of re-deployment or promotion, and require adaptations to equipment or premises to undertake the duties required.

You may also apply for this grant if you are about to become self-employed and require adaptations to your working premises or equipment.


  • You or your employer can contact your local Intreo Office to obtain the application forms or download the application forms here: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • The applicant (you or your employer) identifies the equipment and/or adaptation needed, justifying why it is needed, and submits medical evidence that due to the nature of the disability the equipment/adaptation is needed in order to undertake the duties required.  If the total amount claimed is under €700 one quotation should be submitted with the application; if the total amount claimed is over €700 and under €1,500 two quotations should be submitted; and if the total amount claimed is over €1,500 three quotations should be submitted.  In the case of workplace adaptations, plans should accompany the proposals and a timescale for completing the work should be indicated. 
  • A Case Officer from the Department meets the applicant to review the application.
  • The Department pays a grant to the applicant to cover the costs agreed.

Contact Information

Contact details for the Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant can be accessed here.
Last modified:22/03/2016

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