Illness Benefit - SW 119

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While receiving Illness Benefit, your claim will be reviewed from time to time and you may be asked to attend for a medical assessment. This assessment will be carried out by a Medical Assessor, who is a doctor employed by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. The Medical Assessor will give an opinion on whether or not you are fit for work.

You will be sent advance notice of your appointment for an assessment. You may bring along whatever medical evidence you wish the doctor to see.

You must attend for a medical assessment when asked, or your benefit will be suspended.

If the Medical Assessor finds that you are capable of work (that is your usual work or other categories of work), a Deciding Officer may decide that you are not entitled to payment of Illness Benefit, and/or to credited contributions. Where payment of Illness Benefit is stopped, you will have a right to appeal the decision.

If you are receiving credited contributions only and these are stopped, you will have a right to seek a review of the decision but not a right to appeal it.

Last modified:08/09/2016

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