Guide to Pay-Related Social Insurance - SW106

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With very few exceptions, all people aged 16 or over and under pensionable age must pay PRSI if they are:

  • employees, whether full time or part-time earning €38 or more a week,
  • self-employed workers with an income of  €5,000 or more a
    year from all sources.

The employers of the above employees, are liable for PRSI contributions on the reckonable earnings of the employee (including notional pay).

From 1 January 2013, modified rate contributors who have self-employed income from a trade or profession, are liable for PRSI contributions on this income and any unearned income they have.

From 1 January 2014, employed contributors and occupational pensioners aged under 66 years whose only additional income is unearned may be liable for PRSI contributions on this income.

Last modified:31/01/2017

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