Who is eligible?

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You are eligible to participate in the PTJI Scheme if you get part-time work for under 24 hours per week and immediately before that you:

  • were on long-term Jobseeker’s Allowance (that is getting a jobseeker’s payment for 15 months or more),
  • were getting a weekly Jobseeker’s Allowance payment of at least €119.00 if you are single or €193.90 if you are getting an increase for a qualified adult (December 2011),and
  • undertake to remain on the scheme for 2 months.

The part-time job you get must be likely to last at least 2 months and be insurable at PRSI Class A or J. If you earn €38.00 or more per week, it will be insurable at Class A. If you earn less than €38.00, it will be insurable at Class J.

If you get full-time work you may not return to the PTJI Scheme no matter how short your full-time work was.

If you are self-employed (including a smallholder) you are not eligible for this scheme.

Last modified:09/03/2012

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