Who can qualify?

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To qualify for a Rent Allowance, you must satisfy all of the following conditions;

  • On 26 July 1982, you must have been the tenant, or the spouse or partner of a tenant, of a dwelling that was subject to rent control until that date. A member of a tenant's family may qualify for an allowance where they took over the tenancy on or before 25th July 2002.
  • You must be entitled to remain as a tenant of that dwelling.
  • Your rent and terms of your tenancy must be fixed by the relevant court or Rent Tribunal, be set out in written form, signed by the landlord or their agent and a copy given to you. Either you or your landlord may apply to the Rent Tribunal to fix a rent.
  • You must satisfy a means test (see Section 4).

You cannot get a Rent Allowance if your rent is agreed between you and the landlord. The rent must have been fixed by the relevant court or Rent Tribunal.

You may qualify for this allowance for the first time if:

  • you are the spouse or partner of a deceased eligible tenant,


  • your rent has been re-fixed by the Rent Tribunal or relevant court and because of changes in your situation, you now meet the qualifying conditions.
Last modified:26/03/2009

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