Community Employment (CE) Childcare Training & Development Programme SW138

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The CE Childcare Training and Development Programme has three phases, and is a three year programme.

Phase 1

On Phase 1 you will spend time on the project under supervision and participating in training - this way you will have access to a childcare environment and be part of a busy crèche. The project supervisor will talk to you about the training requirements of the programme and the modules to be followed.

The Manager of the Childcare Centre will supervise your work experience and the Supervisor will also support you in your training. Learning on the scheme will include childcare related tasks.

There will be formal learning provided outside of the work experience by an external provider (for example the Education and Training Board). During Phase 1 you will complete at least 2 modules of the FETAC Level 5 Major Award in Childcare. The training will be provided as part of the CE programme.

Phase 2 Childcare Practitioner

At Phase 2 you will have achieved at least 2 components of the FETAC Level 5 Major Award and have an Individual Learner Plan (ILP) in place. You will proceed to achieving the full FETAC Level 5 Award and be called a Childcare Practitioner. During Phase 2 you will work at all times under the direction and supervision of an experienced practitioner.

Mentoring and learner support will be a key feature of Phase 1 and Phase 2; this will be made available by the Manager or Supervisor of the Childcare Centre. The duration of Phase 1 and 2 combined is approximately two years participation on CE.

Phase 3 Childcare Practitioner - Work Practice

At entry to Phase 3 you will have a Major Award at FETAC Level 5 and be a qualified Childcare Practitioner.

During this stage you can continue to gain experience as a Childcare Practitioner while on CE and provide additional help and support to the Childcare Centre.

The duration of this phase is up to 1 year maximum participation on CE.

Participation on this Childcare Programme is for 3 years.

Last modified:06/11/2014