What the Ready Reckoner will and will not do

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The Ready Reckoner will: 

  • calculate your net weekly pay based on the following standard tax credits for the following relationship statuses:
    • Single Person
    • Married Person or Civil Partner
    • Widowed Person or Surviving Civil Partner qualifying for One Parent Family
    • Widowed Person or Surviving Civil Partner without dependent children
    • One Parent Family
    • PAYE
    • Home Carer
  • calculate your net weekly pay based on standard PRSI and Universal Social Charge rates
  • calculate Back to Work Family Dividend (if it applies)
  • calculate Family Income Supplement (if it applies) 
  • compare your net weekly pay plus any Family Income Supplement and/or Back to Work Family Dividend entitlements you may have with your existing weekly welfare payments
  • display a bar chart showing the results


The Ready Reckoner will not:

  • take all tax, income and expenses into account
  • take your personal circumstances into account
  • calculate for two income households
  • calculate for any social welfare payment other than Jobseeker's Payment
  • include any in-work income supports you may be entitled to other than Family Income Supplement and/or Back to Work Family Dividend
  • take additional tax credits that you may qualify for into account
  • take account of work associated costs such as travel and childcare
  • take Child Benefit into account as it will not be affected if you take up full-time employment
  • apply to those Jobseekers who:
    • may be exploring self-employment as a possible option
    • are considering taking up part-time employment
    • are moving from part-time to full-time employment
Last modified:18/12/2014

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