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The Homemaker’s Scheme makes it easier for you as a homemaker to qualify for State Pension (Contributory) when you reach age 66. It does not provide social welfare payments while homemaking.

One of the conditions for State Pension (Contributory) is that a person has a minimum average number of paid or credited PRSI contributions each year from the time they enter social insurance until pension age.

If you care full-time for any child or adult, there may be a gap in your PRSI record. Currently under the Homemaker’s Scheme, we ignore this gap when
working out your yearly average of PRSI contributions for State Pension (Contributory). This may help you qualify for a pension or entitle you to a higher rate of pension.

This arrangement only applies to State Pension (Contributory) and is based only on breaks from work taken after 6 April 1994.

To benefit from this scheme, you must have worked and paid PRSI at Classes A, E, H and S.

For more information, log on to www.welfare.ie.

Last modified:25/01/2017

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