What if I am a Public Servant paying modified Social Insurance (PRSI Classes B, C, or D)?

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If you worked as a permanent public servant and paid PRSI at Class B, C or D immediately before commencing your assignment overseas, you will still be entitled to VDW credits for the period of the assignment. Depending on the period of your assignment abroad, these ‘credits’ may entitle you to claim Jobseeker’s Benefit, Illness Benefit, Treatment Benefit, Maternity Benefit when you return.

However, your ‘VDW Credits’ cease to be fully reckonable for benefit purposes if you re-enter employment at PRSI Classes B, C or D.

As stated at Part 4, Comhlámh will pay the outstanding number of Class A contributions if you have less than the required 104 paid prior to the commencement of your assignment.

Last modified:10/02/2015