One Parent Family Payment - SW 82

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The following are the main items that count as means:
  • Income from all employments including home help or selfemployment,
  • maintenance payments, including maintenance paid to or for a qualified child,
  • the value of any property you have other than your own home,
  • the value of any investments, savings or shares that you may have,
  • cash income,


  • cash-in-hand.

You must complete the application form fully so that we can calculate your means. You must give all details of your means. You should submit all necessary documents such as bank statements, details of all your earnings, maintenance that you receive or other payslips with your application.

If you submit an incomplete application form or if you do not submit the required supporting documents your claim may be delayed or refused.

Your claim may be forwarded to a local Social Welfare Inspector for investigation and interview.

Last modified:17/08/2015

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