Irish/Swiss Social Security Agreement - SW 97

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The Irish payments covered under the Agreement are:

  • Invalidity Pension
  • Old Age (Contributory) Pension (payable at age 66)
  • Retirement Pension (payable at age 65)
  • Widow's and Widower's (Contributory) Pension
  • Orphan's (Contributory) Allowance.

The Swiss payments covered under the Convention are:

  1. Sickness Benefit
    Italian name: lndennit = EO di malattia
    French name: lndemnit = E9 de maladie
    German name: Krankengeld
  2. Maternity Benefit
    Italian name: EO giornaliera in caso di maternit = EO
    French name: lndemnit = E9 journali = E8 re en cas de maternit = E9
    German name: Taggeld im = Falle von Mutterschaft
  3. Invalidity Benefit
    Italian name: Prestazione d'invalidit EO
    French name: Prestation d'invalidit E9
    German name: lnvalidenleistung
  4. Old Age Pension
    Italian name: Rendita di Vecchiaia
    French name: Rente de Vieillesse
    German name: Altersrente
  5. Survivor's Pension
    Italian name: Rendita per Superstiti
    French name: Rende de Survivants
    German name: Hinteriassenenrente.
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