Invalidity Pension - SW44

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To qualify for Invalidity Pension, you must have:

  • a total of 260 weeks PRSI paid,
  • 48 weeks PRSI paid or credited (see note below) in the last complete tax year before your claim.

Only PRSI paid at Classes A, E and H count towards Invalidity Pension.

In addition, if you have no reckonable contributions paid or credited for two consecutive years, you cannot get Invalidity Pension, or credited contributions until you have paid 26 qualifying contributions.

'Credits'are similar to the social insurance contributions you pay while employed and are usually awarded at the same rate as your last paid social insurance contribution. You may get credits when you are claiming a social welfare payment. These ‘credits’ help to protect your entitlements to benefits and pensions in the future.

Last modified:31/01/2016

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