What are the benefits of BTWEA?

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You get your social welfare payment for 2 years (including any increases for a qualified adult and qualified children) as follows:

  • 100% of your weekly social welfare payment for the first year and
  • 75% for the second year.

If you were getting a jobseeker's payment of €188.00 a week, you will receive the following weekly payment while on BTWEA:

Year 1: €188.00

Year 2: €141.00

You may also qualify for a number of 'secondary benefits' listed below.

Secondary benefits from the Department of Social Protection:

  • Fuel Allowance
  • Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance
  • Rent and Mortgage Interest Supplement ( see note below)
  • Diet Supplement

Secondary benefits from the Health Service Executive include:

  • Medical card

Secondary benefits from your local authority include:

  • Differential rents

You should check with your Department of Social Protection office administering Supplementary Welfare Allowance to find out how the BTWEA may affect any Rent or Mortgage Interest Supplement that you get, as both these supplements are means tested.

In certain cases you may continue receiving Rent Supplement while in full-time employment if your local authority has approved you under the Rental Accommodation Scheme.

For more information, log on to 'www.welfare.ie'.

You do not have to pay tax or PRSI on the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, but you may have to pay tax and PRSI on the income from self-employment.

For more information, log on to 'www.welfare.ie'.

Voluntary Contributions:
If your income from self-employment is not subject to PRSI, it may benefit you to pay Voluntary Contributions to protect your entitlement to certain social welfare benefits in the future.

For more information, log on to 'www.welfare.ie'.


Last modified:09/02/2015

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