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Thomas Street Social Welfare Office has put in place a fast tracking mechanism for dealing with Jobseeker's Benefit claims and in certain cases Jobseeker's Allowance claims.  Any customer who presents at this office with all relevant documents will have their claim decided on that day subject to no further enquiries or investigations being required.

To assist you in making a claim at this office and to afford you the opportunity to have your claim fast tracked the following are the documents that will be needed to deal with your application.

Jobseeker's Benefit (Based on PRSI contributions)

Completed application form UP1

and 3 compulsory documents

  • Proof of identity (passport/driving licence/long version of birth cert)
  • Proof of address (utility bill/ ease agreement/mortgage statement) 
  • Proof of cessation of employment (P45/letter from employer)

and any of the following that apply in your case

  • Details of any casual employment
  • Details of spouse’s/civil partner’s/cohabitant's earnings from employment (3 recent payslips)
  • If you have been made redundant – details of total redundancy payment received
  • If you have been temporarily laid off – letter from employer to confirm details
  • If your hours of work have been reduced – letter from employer to confirm details
  • If you have just completed a college course –a letter from college to confirm date course finished and that you completed the course
  • If you are 18 years of age and just left school – a letter from the school to confirm last date of attendance and if you have recently done the Leaving Certificate you will need a letter to confirm the date you sat your final exam

Please note Leaving Certificate students can only make a claim 3 months after their final exam date .

Jobseeker's Allowance (Means Tested)

Documents as listed above for Jobseekers Benefit plus

  • Details of bank accounts (bank statements)
  • Details of any other source of income/means
  • Completed Habitual Residence Condition (HB1) form (only applicable to clients who have lived outside the country)

You should not delay making your claim if you do not have all necessary documents as they can be provided at a later date.

Last modified:18/02/2011

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