Supports for People with Disabilities Looking for Work

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Supports for people with disabilities looking for work

Wage Subsidy Scheme

This is a financial assistance scheme paid to employers to encourage them to employ people with disabilities. For more information, log on to Supports for Employers at

Reasonable Accommodation Fund

Comprises of:

Employee Retention Grant

This grant helps employers in the private sector to retain at work employees who have acquired a disability whether occupational or not. It provides funding to identify accommodation or training to enable the trainee to remain in their current position or retrain them to take up another position within the same organisation.

Workplace Equipment and Adaptation Grant

This grant is available to employers in the private sector who need to adapt equipment or a workplace to accommodate a disabled employee.

Personal Reader Grant

This grant provides funding to private sector employers to employ a personal reader to help a blind or visually impaired person in their work. The grant is paid based on fee per hour based on minimum wage.

Job Interviewer Interpreter Grant

This grant is available to cover the costs of an interpreter for interview and/ or induction purposes where an interviewee or new staff member is deaf, hard of hearing or has a speech impediment.
For more information on Reasonable Accommodation Fund, log onto Supports for Employers at

Disability awareness training for employers

The Department of Social Protection provides grants to employers to help pay for staff training on integrating people with disabilities in the workplace and addressing the concerns that employers and employees may have about working with people with disabilities. For more information, log on to Supports for Employers at

Supported Employment Programme/ EmployAbility Service

This is an open labour market initiative providing disabled people with supports to help them access the open labour market. It is implemented by sponsor organisations on behalf of the department who employ Job Coaches to provide a range of supports tailored to the individual needs of a jobseeker. The ultimate outcome is that the employee becomes independent of Job Coach support. For more information, log on to Supports for Employers at

Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive Scheme

This scheme, which commenced in 2010 and was extended to 2011, provides exemption from employer’s PRSI in respect of any new and additional employees who were in receipt of certain social welfare payments. The exemption is for twelve months from the date that the employment is approved by the Department of Social Protection. For more information, log on to ''.
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