Subsidiary employment regulations

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Subsidiary employments are employments that are considered secondary, for insurance purposes, to the principal employment. Since April 1991 the following categories of employees are covered by the subsidiary employment regulations:

  • civil and public servants, paying Class B, C, D or H in their fulltime employment, who take up additional employments,
  • people who are employed as attendants at or in connection with examinations held by the Department of Education and Science,
  • people who are employed as returning officers at elections or referenda, and
  • members of the FCA or Slua Muiri who are employed for 21 consecutive days or less.

Class J applies to employment of a subsidiary nature regardless of how much people earn from this type of employment. (However, under the provisions of SI 83/92, members of FCA or Slua Muiri who are employed for a period of 21 days or less are not insurable). Contact Scope Section for further information (address in paragraph 70).

Last modified:06/10/2008

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