Student Summer Jobs Scheme

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THIS SCHEME IS DISCONTINUED (See Office Notice 15/03 - 15 April 2003)


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Description of Scheme
Information Leaflet






Description of Scheme:

This scheme was set up in 1993 to provide income support to eligible third level students who were disqualified by legislation under Section 126 of the Social Welfare Act 1993 from receiving Unemployment Assistance during the Summer months. The scheme allows third level students to undertake employment useful to the community with sponsors registered with the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

The Scheme is open to third level students and students in Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) courses of more than one year's duration who have not completed a course of study. Those who have completed courses may not participate in this scheme but may make an application for Unemployment Assistance if they are unable to obtain work. The scheme is open to third level and PLC students who are not eligible to claim Unemployment Assistance.


This is a non-statutory scheme.

Information Leaflet

SW 50 Students Summer Jobs Scheme


The scheme is administered by the
Students Summer Jobs Scheme Section,
Social Welfare Services Office,
P.O. Box 3988,
Dublin 1.



To qualify for the scheme students must satisfy a means test, which is broadly similar to that which applies for entitlement to Unemployment Assistance.

Students whose means are assessed at 82.53 (65) a week or less are issued with a job certificate and a booklet of approved sponsors. Responsibility for contacting sponsors and seeking work rests with the student.

To qualify for work under the scheme a student must:

  • be attending in full-time third level education or in a full-time Post Leaving Certificate course of more than one year's duration and not have completed the course.
  • be aged 18 years or older on 30 September of the year of application for participation in the Scheme
  • satisfy a means test

A student cannot participate in the scheme if s/he:

  • is in second level education or just completing second level education
  • will be completing a course of study at the end of the current academic year
  • is getting a Third Level Allowance, or certain other Social Welfare or Health Board payment
  • is a mature student, that is, age 23 or over on 1 January of the year in which the course commenced
  • will be completing a Post Leaving Certificate course at the end of the current academic year
  • is on a career break
  • has an entitlement to Unemployment Benefit
  • is not disqualified from claiming Unemployment Assistance under Section 126 of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act 1993

The scheme is open to Sponsors from:

  • Community and Voluntary Groups
  • Sporting and Educational Groups
  • Public Bodies with special projects

All sponsors must register in advance with the Department and the scheme is not open to private or public companies involved in the commercial sector. Local community based organisations are invited in the national press to register jobs with the Department on Registration Form ST 3. Sponsors are required to set out a detailed workplan on this form.

The work undertaken -

  • must not displace or replace existing or full-time workers
  • must not result in private gain or enhance private property
  • must be beneficial to both the local community and the student
  • must not involve any type of fund raising that involves collecting money, selling tickets, lines, scratchcards, novelty items etc.

Students can avail of other work outside the Student Summer Job scheme without affecting their entitlement.


The scheme normally operates from 1 June to 30 September each year and a student may work a maximum of 200 hours in that period. A student who is eligible for a job certificate must then seek work with an approved sponsor. Working arrangements are a matter to be agreed between the Student and the Sponsor. Before starting work, the Student must give his/her job certificate to the Sponsor and it is retained for the purpose of recouping payment from the Department. When the 200 hours work is completed, the student countersigns the certificate confirming that the hours have been worked.

The sponsor pays the student for the hours worked and may then claim reimbursement from the Department on Form ST 5. The employer must confirm the number of hours worked by the student by submitting work sheets and the job certificate.

Prior to the authorisation of payment, each reimbursement claim is examined in detail by an officer who ensures that the job certificates have been fully completed by both the sponsor and student. The cost of employer and public liability insurance is covered by the Department.


Eligibility for the scheme is determined by officers in the Students Summer Jobs Scheme Section.

Those who qualify are issued with job certificates. Those who fail to qualify are issued with a notification stating the reason.


As this is a non-statutory scheme, there is no right of appeal to the independent Social Welfare Appeals Office. Persons who are dissatisfied with a decision may, however, make an appeal to the officer in charge of the scheme.

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