Social Welfare Bill 2012

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Main Provisions

The Bill is designed to give legislative effect to a range of Social Welfare measures announced in the Budget Statement of 5 December 2012, which are due to come into effect in early 2013, and a number of miscellaneous amendments to the Social Welfare Code.

The Bill provides for the following changes arising from Budget 2013 -

    1. Changes in relation to certain Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions,
    2. Reduction in the maximum duration of Jobseeker’s Benefit,
    3. Changes in the assessment of income from farming and fishing for means-tested social assistance payments,
    4. Reduction in the monthly rate of Child Benefit,
    5. Reduction in the Respite Care Grant,
    6. Abolition of the employer rebate in respect of statutory redundancy lump-sum payments paid to employees, and
    7. Facilitation of the recovery of a greater amount of overpayments through weekly deductions from social welfare payments.

The Bill also provides for a number of miscellaneous amendments to the Social Welfare Code which arise mainly as a consequence of the Budget 2012 measure to provide for a new structure of reduced rates in the case of contributory pension schemes.

The Bill comprises 3 Parts and 14 Sections.

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Last modified:21/12/2012