Social Welfare Act, 2003

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  1. Definitions.
  2. Social insurance benefits (new rates).
  3. Social assistance payments (new rates).
  4. Family income supplement (new weekly rates).
  5. Employment contributions (amendment to earnings ceilings).
  6. Optional contributions (amendment to income ceiling).
  7. Widowed parent grant - amount of grant.
  8. Disability benefit and unemployment benefit - amendments to linking provisions.
  9. Disability benefit, health and safety benefit and unemployment benefit - amendments to conditions for receipt.
  10. Increase for qualified child - amendments.
  11. Unemployment benefit - amendment to duration of payment.
  12. Supplementary welfare allowance - amendment to conditions of entitlement.
  13. Employment contributions - amendment.
  14. Amendment of Health Contributions Act 1979.
  15. Amendment of National Training Fund Act 2000.
  16. Short title and construction.

Last modified:06/10/2008

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