Social Inclusion

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The functions of the Social Inclusion Division are:
  • To co-ordinate implementation of government strategies for social inclusion through the monitoring and reporting mechanisms provided in the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion and Towards 2016
  • To promote the incorporation of anti-poverty and social inclusion objectives in public policy development and promote the implementation of poverty impact assessment
  • To analyse the impact and effectiveness of public policy on poverty and social exclusion
  • To promote the development of data strategies and research to inform anti-poverty and social inclusion policies and practice and to facilitate improved monitoring of outcomes
  • To monitor and report on poverty trends at national and European levels and participate in the social inclusion work of the EU, Council of Europe and OECD as appropriate
  • To develop appropriate mechanisms to promote the participation of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion and those who work with them in policy development and its implementation
  • To promote co-operation on social inclusion issues between Ireland and other jurisdictions, in particular, Northern Ireland.


Last modified:14/11/2012

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