Social Inclusion Report Incorporating Annual Reports for 2011 and 2012

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​The Social Inclusion Report has been prepared as part of the monitoring and reporting mechanisms provided in the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007-2016. It covers the period from January 2011 to December 2012. Preparation and compilation of the Report has been coordinated by the Social Inclusion Division of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, with support from relevant Government Departments that provided report material.

The report contains a Minister’s Foreword and Introduction, including a description of the economic context of review period. Chapter 2 addresses relevant developments related to NAPinclusion and the National Social Target for Poverty Reduction. Chapter 3 presents a European context, including details of the Europe 2020 Strategy and Ireland’s National Reform Programme. The main body of the report is contained in Chapters 4 to 8, which focus on progress achieved towards the 12 High Level Goals which span the lifecycle and communities focus of NAPinclusion.

An associated Table of Actions details specific progress in relation to the actions, which support the achievement of the High Level Goals. This information is presented in tabular format, and as provided by the stakeholder departments.

Last modified:22/01/2014