S.I. 552 of 2008

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Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation).

This Order gives effect to the bilateral Agreement on Social Security made between Ireland and the Republic of Korea which comes into effect from 1 January 2009. The Order provides that the Social Welfare Acts and relevant Regulations will be modified to take account of the provisions of the Agreement.

The Agreement provides that periods of insurance in Ireland and in the Republic of Korea may be taken into account, where necessary, by either State in order to qualify for certain benefits and pensions.

In the case of Ireland the Agreement covers State pension (contributory), State pension (transition), widow’s and widower’s (contributory) pension, guardian’s payment (contributory), invalidity pension and bereavement grant. The Agreement also contains provisions which allow workers in one State, who are sent temporarily by an employer to work in the territory of the other State, to remain attached to the social security system of the first State for a period up to 5 years.

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in “Iris Oifigiúil” of 26th December, 2008.

Last modified:05/01/2009

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