Review of the Supplementary Welfare Allowance SWA

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The Supplementary Welfare Allowance ( SWA) scheme is administered by the Health Service Executive ( HSE), under the general direction and control of the Minister for Social and Family Affairs. The scheme is made up of a number of component parts, the main ones being:

  • Basic weekly payments,
  • Rent & Mortgage Interest supplements,
  • Diet supplements,
  • Other supplements, and,
  • Exceptional needs payments.

Given the changing nature of the scheme, the rapidly increasing levels of expenditure and the range of changes proposed in relation to individual aspects of the scheme it was decided that a fundamental review of the SWA scheme, aimed primarily at improving customer service and administrative efficiency was required. The review is being conducted over two phases. This is the phase 1 report and it contains a preliminary review of each of the component parts of the scheme and identifies a range of issues for consideration in phase 2 of the review

Last modified:30/09/2008

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