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I welcome this important report "Young Men on the Margins" which was completed under this Government’s Family Research Programme. The Families Research Programme was developed to support research projects, which have the ability to inform the future development of social policy and to address the issues that face our society today.

This report highlights a number of family-related risk features that were evident in the study of homeless men. There were identifiable routes to homelessness and the trajectory started at a very early age, usually within the family unit. It shows the effects of a lack of support at crucial stages in the lives of the young men interviewed, and the excluding effect of poverty and the difficulty of breaking out of the cycle of disadvantage.
Poor levels of education, followed by little or no vocational training, a lack of success in the job market and a background of personal, familial and health difficulties appear to be common features. What is evident is that the increasing isolation and alienation of a particular grouping of men who are in this situation is due to a combination of structural, familial and personal factors.

Young Men on the Margins

This excellent piece of research will inform the effective targeting of resources to where they are needed and this is a key feature of this Government’s social policy agenda. We are very pleased to have assisted the production of this report on a valuable research project initiated by The Katharine Howard Foundation into the circumstances of young men on the margins of society.
I would like to thank The Katharine Howard Foundation for this excellent piece of research and in particular Anne Cleary and her team for their hard work in completing this study. I look forward to the publication of further quality research studies under the Families Research Programme, which is now the responsibility of the Family Support Agency.
Mary Coughlan, TD
Minister for Social and Family Affairs



CHAPTER 1: The Context of Marginalisation Among Young Men In Ireland

CHAPTER 2: The Experience of Marginalisation – View from the Margins: A Qualitative Case Study Of Young
Men Out-Of-Home In DublinThe Future Population of Ireland

CHAPTER 3: Linking the Contextual and Experiential Features of MarginalisationMethodology and Assumptions


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