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The Pensions Council was established to provide pension policy advice to the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Its membership ensures that the relevant skills, knowledge and experience is available to provide the necessary advice and information in the development of pensions policy.

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Pension Council Members
Name of Member Organisation/Occupation Term of Office
​Mr. Jim Murray (Chairperson) ​Former Consumer Rights Advocate ​3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Ms. Roma Burke

Actuary/ Senior Pensions Consultant Lane, Clarke & Peacock​

​3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Ms. Kirsty Flynn Pensions Lawyer 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Mr. Anthony Gilhawley Actuary/Training Consultant 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Mr. Brendan Keenan Financial Journalist 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Mr. Shane Whelan Actuary/Lecturer 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Ms. Sandra Rockett Director of Business Development Irish Life 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Ms. Sinead Ryan Consumer and Personal Finance Journalist 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Mr. Brendan Kennedy Pensions Regulator, Pensions Authority 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Mr. Peter Brazel, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform 3/02/15 – 2/02/20
Ms Marie Louise Delahunty Central Bank 3/02/15 - 2/02/20
Ms. Helen McDonald ​Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection ​3/02/15 - 2/02/20


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