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Participant Wages Grants

Effective: 13 March 2017 
Community Employment Participant - Minimum Grant :           €215.50


  1. If a Participant’s Social Welfare entitlement exceeds €193, a grant equivalent to this entitlement plus €22.50 will be paid.
  2. The wages are paid weekly by the programme sponsor and are liable to tax and PRSI deductions.
  3. The participants' rates are based on a 19.5 hour week or 39 hours every two weeks (this will be determined by the sponsor in conjunction with DEASP).
  4. Participants are encouraged to engage in part-time work outside the time spent working on the Community Employment Programme, but are advised to check this and any secondary benefits which are being claimed with their local Social Welfare Office, Health Service Executive and/or Local Authority to see if benefits are affected (for example, lone parents, rent allowance, medical card). 
  5. For further information, visit Community Employment Programme.
Last modified:06/04/2017

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