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All correctly completed online claims are given priority.

Once you have submitted your claim online the RP50 form must be printed off and must be signed by both employee and employer in blue ink.

Incomplete forms will be returned to sender and will not be processed.

Lumps sum claims cannot be processed without supporting documentation from the employer. This can be a letter from accountant or solicitor confirming that employer is not in a position to pay redundancy and/or a set of recently audited accounts. In a liquidation situation, the liquidator provides this information. See links below for more details.

EMPLOYEES please note the following:

  1. Breaks in service of employment must be detailed in full, in the fields provided on the RP50. Failure to include these details will result in lengthy delays of payment. Relevant breaks in service include the following:
    • Temporary lay off
    • Career break
    • Ordinary Illness
    • Occupational Illness
    • Maternity Leave
    • Adoptive Leave
    • Carer’s Leave
    • Parental Leave
    • Strike
  2. Gross weekly wages detailed on the RP50 must provide a true reflection of salary at the time of redundancy. Please find details of how to calculate wages correctly here. Discrepancies in gross weekly wage on the RP50 and returns made with PRSI contributions can lead to further lengthy delays in payment.

Is an Employer required to submit a redundancy application form, RP50, when paying the statutory redundancy entitlement to eligible employee(s)?

No redundancy rebate applies where the date of dismissal by reason of redundancy occurs on or after 1st January 2013 (arising from this it is now longer possible to submit a rebate claim online in respect of any such redundancy). Of course, the abolition of the redundancy rebate does not affect the employee’s entitlement to a statutory redundancy lump sum payment which should be paid by the employer.

Taking account of the above, there is no requirement to submit RP50 application forms, or any other form, to the Department in respect of redundancies where the employer is paying the statutory redundancy entitlement to eligible employees, however, employers should ensure that they obtain/retain proof of payment of the lump sum entitlement to the employee and provide a copy of such documentation to the employee(s) concerned.

Online Redundancy Claim

Last modified:26/09/2014