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If you are a registered employer, each month you get a customised form P30 from the Collector-General, on which your relevant details are computer encoded. You should enter the total tax (PAYE) and PRSI contributions deducted from employees on this form and pay them to the Collector-General no more than 14 days after the end of the income tax month in which you made deductions. For example, if you made deductions between 1 January and 31 January, you must lodge a payment to the Collector-General between 1 February and 14 February.

You can lodge your payment to the Collector-General using any of the following methods.

1. Revenue On-Line Service (ROS)

You can send your payment electronically using Revenue's On-Line Internet Service. For details phone LoCall 1890 20 11 06 (from within the Republic of Ireland only) or visit the Revenue website at

2. Direct Debit

You can arrange a scheme of direct debit to suit your cash flow requirements.

3. Using the customised bank giro or payslip at the bottom of the P30 to pay through any bank.

4. Sending your payment with the completed bank giro or payslip to the Collector-General in the prepaid envelope provided.

Cross all cheques and make them payable to the Collector-General or Revenue. Please ensure that you quote your PAYE/PRSI registration number on the back of your cheque.

Last modified:24/09/2008

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